back in 2022 Sequoia invited me to a fancy lunch with several of their other portcos. one founder was particularly impressive: top uni, consulting, IB, startup. raised tons of money. very sharply dressed, eloquent, exuded an easy confidence. I went away feeling like a country bumpkin, like I was "playing house" next to this very impressive founder.

the second founder I met at a mixer. He interrupted my conversation with someone else and shook my hand vigorously. he did not come across as polished. In fact I remember feeling rather annoyed at him for talking too loudly and stumbling over his words.

I checked on this first founder a while ago. it seems like the startup has failed and he has moved on.

the second founder is @weremeow, the person I respect and admire the most in this space.

Kierkegaard said life can only be understood backwards; maybe I'm beginning to understand a bit. the first founder seemed really impressive, but something seemed off; he kept talking about hitting X and Y and Z metrics to raise the next round. I now realise that's playing house: making metrics look good to get the next round and the next, instead of building to make the world better.

be earnest. do the right thing. (try to) solve a real problem. if you do, your rough edges won't matter: you'll shine like a diamond.