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Point programs have been very effective at driving deposits and engagement, but there's now a very real sense of fatigue. Many look like spreadsheets and feel like work.
Nobody wants to come home after a long day of work and continue working.

We can do better.

Firstly, users should have fun. We want you to play, not to work; we want to give you energy, not take it away.

We've designed Wonderland so it's bright, cheerful, and makes you feel good when you enter the page. (I know the degens are crying out for dark mode.. bear with us a little longer).
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Fun and gamification should be done responsibly. We feel good about this because the risks of our product are low and legible, unlike other more sophisticated products (e.g. derivatives, high-leverage perps). LSTs are pegged to SOL and the risks are well-understood (everyone knows that SOL goes up and down).

On many point programs other people don't matter. In fact, they actively compete with you for a spot on the leaderboard. Users should feel like they're part of a bigger whole: working together to build a better future, instead of jostling for position.

We pitch a big tent. Everyone has a place in the liquid staking future: single validators, stake pools, DeFi protocols, NFT projects. We created custom art for every single project we work with, because the mission is greater than just us: it's for all of Solana.
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We're not trying to just grow ourselves, we want to grow everyone else too. We designed Community Quests, where everyone works towards a common goal, and everyone gets rewarded when that goal is reached.
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Everyone who joins Wonderland should leave with a single message: that the liquid staking future is wonderful and exciting, and everyone can be a part of it.

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