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fpSOL is the world's first personal LST. This is an LST where your staking yields go directly to the person who created the LST (me).

I created fpSOL as a proof-of-concept to show the world the potential of the infinite-LST future. I am a person of little renown; I want this to be taken up by actual creators or independent artists/writers, not me. But someone needs to take the first step.

In the infinite-LST future, everyone will have their own LST. It is a future where we support authors, artists, developers, projects, simply by holding their LST. I see a circular SOL economy where SOL flows easily from person to person, real value is captured and created within Solana, and LSTs become a core part of our financial and social lives.

All fpSOL staking yields go to a wallet I control, but none of it will be spent on myself. Rather, I want fpSOL holders to come together and decide on what we can do with the accumulated yield. I want to show the world the power of the infinite-LST future. The bigger fpSOL grows, the greater our ambition can be. Let's figure it out together.

A couple of caveats: