We are building a composable social and loyalty layer for all projects on Solana.

You can do many cool things with Profiles. Some examples:

All this will come later -- our MVP is now very barebones. But expect Profiles to play a big role in future seasons of Wonderland and in Sanctum.

We want to build a new paradigm where the user, not the wallet, is the atomic unit that is recognised and rewarded. Building for the user as first-class citizen is very difficult. We made sure to design a system that supports connecting multiple wallets from different devices, and feedback has been very positive.

We aim to deliver a Web2 UI/UX experience with no compromise on privacy. Public-key cryptography is a great fit for that. Nobody can see any of your data, even if they have your profile ID. In order to reveal your data or edit your profile, you will need to sign a message with a linked wallet. To prevent replay attacks, the message is only valid once -- to view again, you must sign a new unique message.

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Web2 Socials
As part of the social layer we're building, we want people to be able to link their Web2 socials. This lets people know that the profile they are browsing is e.g. the real Ansem and not an imposter. Currently, your socials are completely private; nobody can see them. We will not reveal them to anybody else. You can also remove your socials at any time. In the future, we will give you the option to make your socials public, but they will always be private by default.

Many people are happy to link their socials with their wallets, but some are uncomfortable, especially if your socials are linked to your real-life identity. I understand this concern. People will still be eligible for the upcoming CLOUD launch even if they do not create a profile or connect their socials. However, if you've been an active supporter of Sanctum. linking your socials will allow us to assess your contribution and reward you appropriately.