the Primordial Vision of crypto has always been to build a better economy. remember someone once paid 10 BTC for a pizza? that represents a core human need fulfilled.

somewhere along the way we lost sight of that vision because it is very hard to build. it's far easier to construct ponzi games, or "infrastructure" that actually does nothing. and because people have nothing to spend their money on, they turn to gambling instead -- financial "junk food".

the problem with junk food is that it doesn't actually fill you up. in our heart of hearts, we don't want to daisy-chain our money through 69 restaking protocols to farm yield. we don't actually feel good buying $MOTHER or $FATHER or $DADDY or whatever to "hypergamble into elite status". Sure, maybe you can get rich, but lying in bed at night you feel that there's a fakery around the whole bloody edifice, fughazi magic money beans, all this shit is pointless and made up.

if you eat nothing but doritos you're going to feel awful. ditto if your crypto experience is nothing but shitcoins and grift projects. No wonder even the most OG folks succumb to nihilism.

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but crypto is actually a really big deal. crypto is a sea change as big as the internet. the onchain economy will be 100x better than the offchain one. it's global, permissionless, and composable, which means 10x the innovation and 100x the possibilities.

crypto can improve the lives of billions. we can release people from the tyranny of governments and hyperinflationary fiat. we can pioneer new, wonderful methods of collaboration and value creation. we can run fun experiments with magic internet money. this is a beautiful bulldozery sandbox for us to build the future at lightspeed, without getting tangled up in red tape or blocked by blankface bureaucrats.

forget the shitcoins. the real way we hypergamble into omegawealth is by showing up and building shit that's so good, the rest of the world can't help but come. be serious, be earnest. everything else is a distraction from the Vision -- fuck it, ignore it.

remember, in your heart of hearts, why you're really here.

the Primordial Vision, part 2

how are we going to get to the Promised Land? my vision has three layers:

  1. LST as core financial primitive
  2. Magical Internet Economy
  3. SEZ (Solana Economic Zone)

Speculation is part of the human condition. But I think crypto can be a lot more than that.

Gabe Newell on Steam: piracy is a convenience issue.

When you get cloud gaming easier and less latency than Stadia

When you give people 1,000 ways to spend on chain which are better and more rewarding than the alternatives, people can't help but do it

For merchants, this is an untapped market of rich people who are desperate for things to do with their money

Digital goods have zero marginal cost and are ideal for the initial push but there is no reason why we can't do it for physical goods as well
-- idea: CLOUD as a discounted point?

LSTs are a never-before-seen financial primitive

Projects to 10x or 100x

Collaboration and value creation

A better way of kickstarting

LSTs as core financial primitive

LSTs are not just a DeFi instrument, they are a way to

We are starting with SOL because it's a good store of value (if you believe in the Solana blockchain and ecosystem), and because it has built-in risk-free yield (from staking). But in the near future

Magical Internet Economy


SEZ stands for "Solana Economic Zone": build oases of Solana all over the world in a sea of fiat.

This is not a community you can buy your way in

as a pledge to the future economy.

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The space


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Bulldozer vs vetocracy:

On seriousness